The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Mayor Pursuing Liquor Vote

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

Mayor Eric Chockley brought up the issue of selling package liquor in Stronghurst at the village board meeting held on February 6th, saying he thought "the board should stay out of it," yet he would like to see it on the ballot in April.

He said, "Five young couples have asked me why liquor is not sold in Stronghurst."

The mayor told the board he had talked with the village attorney, Mike Neff, but at this time, he had no legal guidelines to go by.

"The existing ordinance just says, "there will be no liquor in the village.' It does not say what will happen if it is brought to town."

The mayor went on to say, "This is about selling package liquor only, not bars coming to town."

Chockley said, the sale of liquor would bring in more revenue for the village and possibly a Casey's store in the future. The board would need to establish conditions for licenses, etc. and also dig deeper into legally changing the ordinance, "which we will do," he said.

Trustee Angela Myers said she felt the town had done o.k. so far without the sale of liquor and didn't want to see anything that would cause more problems.

Trustee David Vancil said he felt it would bring the town more revenue. Trustees Lawrence Neff, Juanita Jarvis, and Cory Fox had no comment.

The mayor said he was going to check out the legality of getting it on the ballot in April, if not, by November. He thought it had been thirty years since it had been voted upon.

In other business:

The Stronghurst Booster Club, represented by Judy Roessler, requested permission to place a sign on the highway at Main Street, reading "Gas, ATM, Food, and Shop" with an arrow pointing to the business district.

The board said they would need to contact the highway department to get permission for placing such a sign. Tony Anderson, Village employee, will contact the department and get back to her.

Roessler also told the board of the Booster Club's incentive package, which will be presented to any new business venture coming to town. The present businesses, of which there is 55, will each be contacted to request an incentive they would be willing to give to a new business.

Lawrence Neff reported Billie Smith had requested the board pay for a water leak problem at her home. As water was leaking in her basement and a high consumption of water being used she called village employee Tony Anderson and upon his recommendation, Plate Services was hired to dig up a line. Digging proved unnecessary so the board agreed to pay the $285 bill to Plate Services, but declined paying for the new sump pump which was installed.

Tony Anderson requested that anyone receiving cross connection surveys he would appreciate them being returned immediately.

Doran Insurance would like to review the Insurance policy as they did last year. The board voted that every three years was soon enough to go over the policies, not yearly.

April is the month for employee raises. President Chockley directed David Vancil and Angela Myers, who is the employee representative to meet and bring a recommendation to the board.

The Sheriffs office report included one arrest for unlawful possession of meth manufacturing chemicals. A dog at large and a burglary charge are pending investigation.

Present: President, Eric Chockley; Trustees, Lawrence Neff, Angela Myers, Cory Fox, Juanita Jarvis and David Vancil (7:35); Clerk Lori Russell; Treasurer, Lou Ann Nortrup; Employee, Tony Anderson; Deputy Steve Henshaw and guest, Judy Roessler. Absent was Trustee, Tony Griepentrog.

The board adjourned at 8:00 p.m. until March 6, 2006 at 7:00 p.m.