The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Tasty Cookies

Dear Editor,

One of the most respected and a well-known Girl Scout activity is the annual Girl Scout cookie program.

Through this activity, girls learn the importance of personal responsibility, the value of goal-setting, the spirit of teamwork and the thrill of accomplishment.

As they take orders for America's favorite tasty treat, girls ages 6-17 learn about business ethics, customer service, marketing, advertising, and money management. Additionally, girls build confidence by developing public speaking and interpersonal communication skills.

During cookie delivery time, the girls learn the importance of fulfilling their commitments. The Girl Scout cookie program is indeed the nation's premier financial literacy and entrepreneurship program.

Since 1912, Girl Scouts of the USA has dedicated itself to helping girls navigate the sometimes rocky, often funny, and at times bewildering world of growing up.

With family support and under the supervision of dedicated volunteers and staff, the Girl Scout organization cultivates courage, confidence, and character in girls while teaching them critical life skills they will need to succeed as adults.

On behalf of the Girl Scout Board of Directors, we appreciate everyone that supports the Girl Scout movement.


Teresa Colgan
Girl Scouts of Shining Trail Council

Cost of a Campagain

Dear Editor,

I felt I had to write this for all the people that run for office. It seems some people think it is ok to destroy, steal or dismantle the property of others who run for public office.

Do you think that you will keep people from knowing who is running?

Do you think breaking the law is ok?

Do you think if you steal enough signs the person will just give up?

I know for a fact my husband asked or was asked to put a sign on their property so what right do you have to remove them?

It seems that someone can't find dirt on Wes so they will try other means to get him to give up.

I just want you to know it is very costly to run for office. If you see someone destroying the property of others, call the sheriff's office and report it. It is their job to catch criminals.

For the person or persons destroying and stealing his signs, you only make his job easier by showing how much we need new leadership in the sheriff's office. I can only say to you, grow up.

Dixie Long

Will Make Good Sheriff

Dear Editor,

I see that my good friend Wes Long is running for Sheriff of Henderson County.

I have known Wes for 20 years since he worked for me as a State of Illinois Conservation Police Officer when I was both Deputy Chief and again when I was Chief Investigator over Covert Operations.

As the latter, I had the prerogative to choose the investigators for my unit from the uniformed ranks. Choosing Wes was easy because of his good record in county law enforcement and also his record as a uniformed officer for IDOC as well as his college degree in law enforcement.

He confirmed that good record by doing an outstanding job as a covert investigator for a number of years.

Later he was invited to join the State of Montana Fish and Wildlife Investigative Unit and did some excellent work for that organization for a number of years until they decided to close down their investigative unit and place emphasis on biological work by their officers.

Not only is he capable in all phases of law enforcement but he has a calm approach to solving problems and responds well to any emergency. So, it would be without hesitation that I would recommend him as a candidate for Sheriff.

Donald L. Hastings
Captain (Ret) ILDOC