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Area Churches Participate In Eighth Annual Mission Trip To Mexico

Thirty three people spent a week filled with lots of work and great fellowship in their eighth mission trip to Reynosa, Mexico.

They returned to two orphanages where they had worked last year and were able to complete the dining facility at the smaller one, and make curtains for the living and sleeping area. Work was completed in the restrooms and kitchen at the bigger orphanage. A new sewing machine donated by Sandy's Sewing Connection (Burlington) was donated for the sewing classes at this facility. In addition, lots of good healthy food was left for the children.

"They were enjoying the fresh fruit almost before it was unpacked!," said Dianne Balmer of La Harpe, a member of the group.

"We were able to provide the washer that was needed at the smaller orphanage. Laundry for over 30 children is done every day and the one they had just wasn't enough to keep up.

The group had purchased Bibles for some of the children and brought donated medical supplies and about 60 homemade blankets.

Bags made from towels and filled with personal care items by the folks at Burnside Christian Church were given to the girls at the smaller orphanage.

The group had worked at both of these orphanages several times now and have developed a closeness and a feeling that they are a part of our lives.

Balmer said, "The facility where we stay while we are in Texas is in the process of moving to a new location, and we also helped build a new housing unit for mission workers at that location, and made curtains for that building and for the smaller orphanage.

The trips began in 1999 with six people from the Christian and Union Churches in La Harpe, but is open to anyone who loves God and wants to make a difference in the lives of some of His children.

"It's always a thrill to see how such a diverse group can come together and blend into such an effective team. Our group grows and changes each year as we tell friends about what we are doing."

Balmer said a lady who saw one of their group copying trip pictures at Wal Mart decided to come along.

There were eight newcomers this year along with many of their seasoned workers.

Participants were: (Illinois) Tom/Teresa/Thomas/Jennifer Link; Rick/Dianne Balmer; Boyd/Joy Palmer and Alfred/Gladys Huston all from La Harpe; Mike/Bambi Moore; Roy/Carla/Lacey Day- Blandinsville; Gene/Joan Ray- Stronghurst; Byron Shaw and Wayne/Barb Caparoon-Dallas City; Bob/Peggy Lemley; John/Becky/Audrey/Avery Fader-Carthage; Mike/Chris Juneman-Good Hope;

(Iowa):Bob/Mary Brown, Oakville, Linda Brown, Des Moines, Pam Schmitz, Burlington, and Jim Vroom, Mt. Pleasant.

"Each year is bigger and better and we welcome others who might like to join us," Balmer said.

The crew works together to put the ceiling in place

Roy Day of Blandinsville and Alfred Huston of La Harpe prepare materials

Jennifer Link of La Harpe prepares a sink for installation