The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Village Of Gladstone

Applies For Water Grant

Prior to the regular 7:00 p.m. meeting of the Village of Gladstone on November 13th, a public hearing was held with WIRC. Chad Fredrick reported that he is completing an application regarding a water grant through the Community Development Assistance Program. The deadline for the application is February 20, 2007.

Village Clerk Joyce Hetrick was directed to post and publish a request for bids to clean the inside of the recylcing bin once a week or as needed. Bids will be due by the December meeting.

Jenna Link is following up on water issues.

A motion was made by Swanson, seconded by Manes to convert the wells to run totally automatic from water pressure. Motion passed.

A motion by Hetrick, seconded by Swanson to hire Byron Sebastian at $450 per snowfall removal was passed by the board.

A motion was passed to continue having Jenna Link being the licensed help for the water system.

Approved by vote that whoever takes over the VFW will be responsible for it.

Mayor McKinney will contact Attorney Mike Neff concerning Lynn Street.

It was voted to donate $500 to the Henderson County Senior Services.

The board voted to hire someone to put up and take down the Christmas decorations for a maximum of $250.

It was also voted to have Matt Gray serve as Santa.

The tax levy ordinance #140 was accepted.

All bills were voted to be paid with the exception of Rheinschmidt's. They will be paid only $825.65 of their total bill.

The board adjourned at 8:45 p.m.