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Moment In History

The Oquawka Spectator is filled with gems for family research.

In Jan.20, 1872 this letter appeared: Dear Friends: The state of my health is such that I cannot be with you today. I shall be 77 years old if I live until the 4th of March next. I served in the War of 1812 and two of my sons served in the War of Rebellion (Civil War).

I married in my 19th year, moved to the State in 1836 with my first wife and ten children and had two more born in this State. If any of the old settlers beat that in the way of children, I will treat him at our first meeting to his dinner.

Long may you live to have many pleasant meetings. It would give me great pleasure to meet you today. Should I live and am able and you have another reunion, I hope to be with you.-K. Brent, Sr. (Important facts are herein contained: his birth date, his and his sons military service, approximate date of marriage, date of entry into state, least two wives, and number of children.

Old newspapers are invaluable and your public library in Biggsville has most old county ones on microfilm.