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Finally, Medicare Approved in Stronghurst

Finally, Medicare Approved in Stronghurst is finally Medicare approved as a skilled nursing facility.

The program has been under review since January.

Oak Lane Nursing & Rehab Medicare Approved

Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab received official notification allowing them to participate as a skilled nursing facility in the Medicare program C Title XVIII of the Social Security Act.

This application has been in consideration since early January. Congratulations are in order for the facility and those who worked persistently to bring this service to Henderson County's only nursing home.

This Medicare approval will allow Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab to remain financially sound in the volatile world of nursing home financial difficulties brought about by inadequate payment of Medicaid. This approval will allow "Oak Lane" to offer the same service that area hospitals have offered in the past.

Accepting the "Letter of Approval" from centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services was Dr. Robert Pogue, Medical Director and Facility Physician for the past 15 years, Diane Doran of Doran Insurance and Service, Inc. "Oak Lane" Board President, whose perseverance and dedication to Oak Lane provided the leadership to make this possible, and Richard W. Clifton, Administrator and Kathy Symmonds, D.O.N. who represents the total employees, volunteers and residents for the hard work possible to make this happen.

"This Medicare approval has been anticipated for some time with hopes that it will ease the financial constraints caused by lack of adequate Medicaid funding," said Administrator Dick Clifton.

"The board of Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab continues to explore opportunities for increased stability, and as those are adopted we will announce them."

From left: Dr. Robert Pogue, Diana Doran, Richard Clifton, and Kathy Symmonds look over the papers that show Oak Lane Nursing and Rehab