The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Clean Up Is A Problem

For Stronghurst Village

By: Shirley Linder, Quill Editor

Interpreting the village property clean up ordinance and deciding if everyone was being treated fairly, caused some heated discussion at the village board meeting Monday evening, August 7th.

Lawrence Neff felt board members were not standing behind the committee's decision and that if the ordinance was not going to be enforced the board should forget the whole thing.

President Eric Chockley stated, "He is tired of receiving all the complaints after the letters for clean up goes out." Feeling that perhaps Neff was not being fair in the decisions he and Angela Myers were making he removed Neff from the committee.

Myers said, "I am not doing this job alone." Mayor Chockley answered that she was not expected to. Chockley said he needed 3 members on the committee (1/2 of the trustees).

After some further discussion Tony Griepentrog agreed to serve. At that point Neff was reinstated on the committee by the Mayor and the three were to tour the village on Saturday.

Susan Nash of Western Illinois Regional Council was present to have papers signed so they could proceed with the housing grant, in the amount of $420,000, the village has received. They estimate approximately 10 homes will be renovated at an average cost of $37,000 when the grant money is finally received. WIRC has been hired to receive the applications from home owners, hire the contractors, oversee the construction, etc.

LaMarr Evans, on behalf of Paul Anderson, requested a copy of the original lease agreement for the property where the village water plant is located.

The legal document is needed so Anderson can sell the property with a clear title. Chockley, David Vancil and Tony Anderson, will look for the document.

The cement holding the cannon in the village park is in need of repair. Tony Anderson said the Stronghurst Booster Club would be willing to work with the village on the project. It was decided to do some brain storming and see what suggestions for repair and costs would be.

Chockley showed some pictures of a permanent chemical porta-potty. This particular unit would not required electricity or running water and would need to be pumped after 1,000 uses. Chockley said next spring he would like to see a permanent rest room in the park and not spend money on renting porta-potties. The idea was tabled for later discussion.

Present was: President Eric Chockley; Trustees, Lawrence Neff, David Vancil, Angela Myers, and Tony Griepentrog (trustees absent Cory Fox and Juanita Jarvis); Clerk Lori Russell; Treasurer, Lou Ann Nortrup; Employee Tony Anderson; Deputy Steve Henshaw; guests, Terry Myers, Bob Hamilton, Susan Nash, LaMarr Evans and Paul Anderson.