The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Letters to Editor

Dear Editor

I have some major concerns about the proposed changes in our county ambulances.

I question the reason and the legality of dissolving the Ambulance Advisory Committee that was previously used to coordinate the ambulances and tax funds. Replacing the Ambulance Advisory Committee with individuals who have no background with ambulances and are affiliated with any service does not allow for countywide representation and has benefited only one organization.

The Blue Ribbon Committee also steered the hiring of an EMS Coordinator with the recommendation that he should not be a resident of Hancock County.

The feeling was that they could then "enforce" their changes through someone who had no background with the current service. Qualified individuals who lived in this county were given less consideration.

I believe Joe Barlow stated in his opinion that the goal is a "unified" service yet Carthage Ambulance is allowed a special "contract" and structure. Recent paperwork has listed us all as Hancock County "Employees" but then states that we will not be paid.

It was stated each service (excluding Carthage) will receive $60 per run, but says that this is not to be used for any wages. How will it be legally distributed?

Mr. Barlow suggests it be a clothing allowance even though he is buying uniforms. I don't understand how he can reimburse the Memorial Hospital wages to the Carthage Ambulance personnel and not reimburse us in the same manner. Unified?

Maybe the hospital employees could be volunteers like us.

Will Carthage Ambulance be employees of the county or the hospital?

If they can retain their employment to the hospital, why can't I retain mine with La Harpe Ambulance? If we're supposedly unified then what makes one employee reimbursable and the other not?

The $10,000 our service received each year is cheaper than the $47,000 now being paid to a coordinator.

Tax funds are being frivolously and unfairly spent. If you share my concerns please contact your county board representative.

Jerry L. Brown FR-D
Diane Zimmerman EMT-B
Jennifer Painter EMT-B

Dear Editor

We are fortunate to have a recycling bin in Lomax, but sometimes there seems to be some confusion as to what and what not to put in these bins and where to put these items.

Here a few helpful hints. For starters, it is a common courtesy to rinse all containers. Rinsing only takes a few seconds, but the hassle it prevents is very much worth it.

This not only helps control insects and major odor issues, it also helps prevent damage to the machinery used to prepare recycle products.

For those who do not feel this is important, we challenge you to volunteer yourself to help with sorting and preparing these recyclables. We are sure your thinking will join with those of us who have.

There are numbers on the bottom of all plastic items. The Lomax bin only takes #1, 2 and 5. All other numbered plastic just becomes trash that has to be sorted and thrown away.

Do not leave glass, due to the fact that our recycle center is not set up to deal wit this.We also do not take bottles that have contained products that could be harmful to the earth such as oil, antifreeze, etc.

The last issue is, please do not use this bin as a personal trash can. No one wants to sort through someone else's trash.

Many areas are using this recycle bin. It is so convenient to just drop off our items here instead of going out of town. Let's keep it clean.

Joyce Thompson

Marie Jones - Lomax