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Moment In History


In 1906 Charles Cryser murdered his wife Eva, by shooting her with a pistol.

They had been separated and he went to her parents' home in Stronghurst where she was staying and remained there some days.

He persuaded her to return to him saying he had a position in Burlington and had a house rented for them. A number of days preceding the murder he went to Burlington and pawned his overcoat and purchased a revolver.

He returned to Stronghurst and the next day he and his wife with a driver started to drive to Carman where he said they would take the train to Burlington.

Cryser put his arm around his wife and covered her face with her furs and held her head over on his shoulder with his left hand..

With his right hand he placed the gun against her breast and fired. The driver succeeded in getting the revolver away from him and took Mrs. Cryser to a nearby house and telephoned for a physician.

She was moved to Stronghurst the next day and died about six weeks later. Cryser was arrested and jailed immediately after the shooting.

He was indicted in March and tried in October where he plead guilty. The Judge sentenced him to 40 years at Joliet.

1911 History of Henderson County