The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Jesus, I Will Be A Missionary!

By Elaine Slater Reese

Me - a missionary? No Way, Jesus! You must be talking to the wrong person! I don't want to see starving children, people dying in masses of aids, live without electricity or good medical facilities. How could I handle strange creatures and BUGS? The language barriers would be too great.

You mean even though I have said NO to you, Lord, you have an alternate plan for me? You want me to be a missionary right here in my own little space of the world? I haven't even gone to Bible college. I don't read the scriptures enough. I don't pray enough. How can you possible use me?

I can chat with those in nursing homes and assisted livings? I can take food to a family who needs some help right now? I can send a note to someone and let him know I care? I can call some who are shut-ins and listen to them and share? I could help someone pay a bill? I could baby-sit so parents could have time for themselves? I could sit right here in my chair and pray for so many and their needs?

Ok, Lord, you have convinced me! I am not going to some foreign country, but I see that you have plenty for me to do right here! Thanks for opening my eyes and my heart!