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A Look At Business 

-by Holly Willdrick

There's No Place Like Home

Laurie Lovell is an At Home America HomeStyle Specialist, a business founded in 1982. Laurie recently joined in March of 2006. She got into the business when she had a party, earned lots of FREE and discounted home wares, and signed up to be a HomeStyle Specialist. She made some extra cash while doing so. She didn't have to pay any out of pocket expense to get started because she earned all she needed to start with sells from her party. She loves the fun and flexible hours and the ability to work right out of her home. She hosts shows or open houses in homes all across the state specializing in real life style and practical home wares for everyday living.

"We the people of At Home America, with commitment and great pride, in the spirit of service to God first followed by our families, and At Home America, are on a mission to change America one heart, one home, one family at a time."

The best is "I get to be my own boss, meet new people, and have fun while doing it."

She said At Home America is one of the fastest growing direct-selling companies in America, and a member of the Direct Selling Association, and huge supporter of worthy charities. The top two are HelpAmerica Foundation where non-profit customer donations go to the National Coalition for Homeless Veterans. The second is Hope 4 Mike, where all donations go towards research for ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease).

Laurie has been married to her husband Alex Lovell for four years. They have a daughter, Julia Rose, who is four months old. She enjoys creative cooking, digital photography (mostly of her little on), and scrapbooking.

To learn more about At Home America or if you would like to host a show of your own you can contact Laurie at 217-659-7803 or check out her website at