The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Do You Exercise...What's Your Excuse?

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

30 November 2005

I had forgotten how much exercise I use to do as a kid until I went to West Central Elementary and watched the kindergarten class in action during P.E. class.

As I walked into the gym, two P.E. teachers were busy instructing students to walk on their heels over to a line, and then walk back like a penguin, then a turkey and on and on.

Their favorite activity seemed to be red light, green light and some even seemed to enjoy being caught moving and were eager to run back to the starting line each time. There was not a still moment during the entire period and when the bell rang, the students were still lively as ever when they were asked by their teachers to walk like a turkey over to her and then line up.

Ever notice what great shape those kids are in? They certainly are not afraid of exercise but are begging for it every day.

Their memory and mind is sharp as well as their energy.

When we get older we sometimes stop doing what is best for us - like exercise.

We sit at computers, at desks, at the movies, in the cars more often, and we are moving less and we wonder why we are lethargic. We take the car, the escalator, the elevator, park as close as we can to the store, and have our groceries carried to the car, and then wonder how we can get some exercise. I found how much more alert my mother was this week after they put oxygen on her.

Exercise can do that for us by putting needed oxygen into our blood streams. Maybe we can think more like the kids, and find ways to keep active.