The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Everyone's Dream:

by Dessa Rodeffer Quill Publisher/Owner

5 October 2005

When you wish upon a star, what might you wish for?

Everyone's dream is different yet, I believe they can all come true, if it is something that is possible. For instance, you can't bring yesterdays back, nor be 21 again.

However, you can feel like you're 21, maybe by purchasing a convertible, taking a trip to Disney World, or throwing a "Rock Around The Clock" party in your garage or basement.

Dreams can be the fuel that motivates us into action.

How do we begin making wishes turn into realities.

First, I think we focus on the desire, and second, I think we focus on finding the solution.

A researcher's dream may be finding the cure for cancer. His dream may push him into looking, turning every stone, asking questions, studying, until someday, the cure is found.

A dream of being a good spouse, or parent, may motivate a person into reading, studying, providing, sharing things with family members until they become what they had wished for.

If we focus on the importance of our dreams, it is motivating us to make our own wish come true.

I challenge you to keep dreaming. Look for those golden opportunities that can change you, your family, and the world. Whether it is to provide a beautiful home for family and friends, or a business for your community, or you wish to be a stay-at-home mom or dad, keep dreaming, Because your dreams will be the fuel that will keep you looking for opportunities to make your wishes to come true. Remember, America was built on someone's dream of freedom. Follow your dreams, too.