The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Tomorrow begins Today

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

28 September 2005

You are probably wondering how on earth tomorrow can begin today.

I have been thinking about all that we have today and realize it is all from someone working hard yesterday and the many years before.

Our freedoms, our prosperity in this country, the home you live in.

We are rewarded, or punished by all the things we did yesterday.

The heavy drinking, the smoking, the poor choices in eating either not enough of the right things or too much of the wrong things.

And our today came about from our past environment we worked in, or the family environment we grew up in.

Our family, community, friends, work associates either prompted and awarded us for good living, or on the other hand maybe they laughed and thought it was cute when we were ornery or bad encouraging a rebellious behavior.

If we shared a common patriotism - respect for our teachers and elders and we taught by example - love of family and respect for others who work in our community, we learned the importance of being good neighbors and citizens.

Today's ethics came from yesterday lessons. Our country's progress came today, from someone's sacrifices yesterday.

All that we are our from yesterday's journey.

But the history book isn't finished yet. Our past may determine where we are today, but it does not determine where we are going.

Our future really begins today with the decisions we make. Snuff out the cigarette, pour the booze out, say no to drugs, change a pattern in your life that is taking you down a road you really don't want to be on. Get involved in a project today to better your life and you will see how your tomorrow is affected. See how one insignificant person can have a ripple effect on everyone around them. It will literally change the course of history, and it all starts by what we choose to do today.