The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Ain't She He Sweet?

by Dessa Rodeffer Publisher/Owner

27 July 2005

This year's Relay For Life was not only fun because of the "Walk Around the Clock" fifties theme, but it also gave the guys a chance to drum up some more money to fight cancer by doing a little, shall we say "soliciting" on the side.

It was a lot of fun and the one with the most money was crowned--- "Mrs. Relay".

That would be Gary Powless of center. Competitors, Todd Lange, Chris Robbins, Dave McCrery, Don Lefler, and Lawrence Brokaw gave him quite a race as they hustled money from the crowd. Thanks for the extra $700+ you raised to help fight cancer.

Thanks to all who gave in any way. Together I pray we will find a cure.

Back Center is Mrs. Relay Gary Powless. Clockwise- Lawrence Brokaw, Don Lefler, Todd Lange, Chris Robbins, and Dave McCrery.