The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Finding Fault/Finding Good

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

13 July 2005

You can always find it - if you look for it - the bad in people... after all, it is there. It's in each of us.

Yes, it is even in YOU.

Now don't look so shocked.

It's easy to see the crazy things people say and do or to point out the many things they don't get done.

I have just noticed lately, that a lot of people I know seem irritable.

I have seen it in some businesses I have visited. I have heard it among friends who have been extra blunt in their speaking.

I see it in families where adult children or mothers or fathers, are no longer speaking to each other - due to one thing or another.

We all are good at recognizing the irritating people, the neglectful parents, the lazy child, the people who just don't seem to give enough, do enough, or help out when needed.

There could be a dozen good reasons why we should sit and stew over the thoughtless acts people do.... but how much fun are we when we are really irritated and how productive are we as we whine and dine with our family and friends.

Most likely, the irritations people cause us are minor in the big picture of life, so I propose we forget it and move on .

I actually believe the way to get along with others is to look for the good in each of them. Find something appealing and compliment them on it.

When I think of our Father in heaven, that is how I believe He is with us .... always looking for the good.

Would we want our God to treat us like we treat others? I doubt it.

Let's make it a priority to look for the good in all people. Let us forgive the ugly, let go of the past, and look to the future.

Seeing good in others brings a smile to our faces - makes us more appealing, and will make a healthier and happier you.

So let go of that anger. Doesn't that feel better?