The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Fair Queen Will Be Busy

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

29 June 2005

The Henderson County Queen Pageant is one of my favorite events of the fair.

Each year, the talent and the well organized program continues to amaze me and I feel it has added a lot of class to our Henderson County Fair program.

My hat goes off to Sue Lyon and Stacie Arnold at The Antiquity who launched the pageant several years ago and continue to direct the event with her staff of helpers: Jeanie Kane, Wendy Corzatt, and Stacy Knapp.

This year, the pageant was moved to a real theater at The Raritan Opera House and it seemed even more professional. There may have been room for a half a dozen more people in the corners of the balcony, but that was about it.

I think everyone could see and was comfortable and very much enjoyed themselves.

All seven of the Queen contestants were beautiful and talented in a variety of ways. The little Misses were a "stitch" to watch and I was amazed how well last year's Fair Queen Ciara Robinson, kept all twelve in motion. Of course there were a couple that were in motion overtime!

When it came to the crowning of the new 2005 Fair Queen, we were all reminded by Queen Ciara just what is expected of the new Queen.

I want to share part of what she said:

"The winner tonight will receive more than just a crown, a sash and flowers. Your cheeks will be numb by the time you get to your car. Day one!

"July 4th you will have to be home early so that you can wake up at the crack of dawn to greet people at the Farmers Appreciation Breakfast. When you get done, you might want to grab a bite to eat before you begin your week's marathon of walking around the grounds. The first night you might get home by nine. There goes day two!

"Throw on your crown and sash and head over to start handing out ribbons. Hang out all day with the sheep, then get ready for your mud bath! Be careful with that crown though, because everyone who sees you with it can't wait to get it dirty, and volleyballs don't bounce off without doing some damage to it. And don't forget to go over and cheer on the little kids' tractor pull. They will wonder where you were at! Then smile because soon it will be 9 p.m. and you can head home for the night. First you have to make an appearance at the carnival and maybe hop on a ride or two. End of day three!

"Beep! Beep! "Is it morning already!" Yes it is, so get dressed and ready. You have to look your best for the piggys! They want a beautiful Queen to take a picture with too! Then stick around all night for the derby. Day four!"

Ciara went on through day five- cattle judging, day six- auction of all the Grand Champions and the Figure 8, day seven- helping your friends cleanup that week old straw, "then your head can rest from that crown.

Ciara said there will be a list of pageants and activities to attend but reminded the Queen to be, she will receive more than a crown, a sash, and flowers. With her title she will get the privilege of influencing the little ones around her...and gain memories that will last a lifetime.