The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Memories Remain

by Dessa Rodeffer, Publisher/Owner

8 June 2005

Final days at Southern or Union will never be totally over as long as we keep telling the stories and keep the memory of our schools alive.

It is not only the alumni and class reunions that can help with this, but also the reminiscing with our family. Although we relish in many of the good memories of our past, it seems with each new day, change occurs.

It's a constant in our lives we can not avoid.

What a dull place this would be if there were no anticipation about what tomorrow would bring.

We can look back at our good old school friends, teachers, and experiences and sigh: "Those were the days!"

But many times, if we let go, people and opportunities will come into our lives that we never would have imagined could be so nice. Yesterday's memories will remain, but we must still seek the excitement of what tomorrow's changes will bring.