The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Saying Goodbye

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

18 May 2005

I imagine many teachers are having a difficult time in saying goodbye to SHS or UHS.

After all, it has been their home away from home for a long long time. Much time and thought have gone into class room settings, and in creating a level of familiarity and comfort in their teaching environment.

For teachers and support staff, it must be quite an adjustment to see a place you have become a loyal worker and fan of, come to an end. I hope you will celebrate your accomplishments and all you have meant to so many.

As you move to new areas, one thing will not change.....the need for your teaching skills and for your enthusiasm and desire to educate and make a difference.

After graduation and the goodbyes have been said, I predict a fresh new loyalty will evolve. Teachers will lead the way at West Central and encourage our children in a new county unity. Teachers positive attitude will have the biggest influence. Teachers are needed and have so much to give. As you continue to re-enforce good character along with special skills, it will give students more confidence in a changing world. I hope in these final days of SHS and UHS, special recognition is given to each teacher and staff support for their love of their profession and their high standards of achievement for our children.

I hope after saying goodbye to what has been, we can all roll up our sleeves and be ready for what lies ahead. Expect some bumps along the way but it should all be worth it in order to unify our kids, our school, and our county. I am told if we look for the good in a situation, good will prevail!