The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Two Weeks

By Elaine Slater Reese

23 March 2005

It felt like the week from Hell. I sat glued to CNN. At times, it seemed as if I were reading some deep, dark mystery. Other moments, it was almost a soap-opera.

These things could not really be happening- not in our world! In Atlanta, a prisoner on his way to trial over powers a guard, takes her gun. The rest is history.

His victims' lives ended during that shooting spree. The lives of families, friends, witnesses, and law enforcement are changed forever by this one man.

Just a few days later in Brookfield, WI, a man walks into the church he has attended for several years.

Relentlessly, he pulls the trigger on the gun in his hand. He kills the pastor, the pastor's son, shoots the pastor's wife and others.

Then in the same room, he turns the gun on himself. A room intended to be one of peace, hope, and talk of Heaven has become a blood bath from Hell.

It is more than we can take in. Yet, we have been a part of it only through the media. My mind does not want to go there - trying to imagine what so many involved in these situations must deal with - the things they witnessed, the fear they may always live with, the precious memories now tarnished by one sick individual, the dreams gone in just a moment.

And just a few days later, it is Holy Week. For the followers of Jesus, that week must have appeared to also be a week from Hell. It, too, involved betrayal, insurrection, and the taking of an innocent life.

This time, it wasn't a gun in a heartless human's hand. It was just two old rugged pieces of wood and a few nails. This Jesus was not a victim of a mad man.

He was the Son. His heart was very heavy, but He chose to be obedient to the Father God. So the nails were pounded into His hands. He was crucified on that cross.

But His story didn't end there. The third day he arose again. HE LIVES! And lives are changed forever because of this one man! We have hope! His death was not one in vain. He died for ME - and for YOU!!