The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Dream Stealers

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

16 March 2005

Have you ever wanted something so badly that it kept you awake at night?

You work, practice, save, invest, even read and study, hoping that someday, you'll accomplish just what you want to do?

Maybe it is owning your own farm, or home, or learning to fly an airplane. For younger kids, maybe it is being a Pro athlete, or buying your first car. Maybe for mom or grandma it is having a front porch with a swing on it and then having a chance to sit on it and being surrounded by your grandchildren - asking you a thousand questions.

Maybe it's going into business for yourself, or being able to have enough money to retire and help out neighbors and friends, or a family member.

Maybe your dream is to see a new church built, or to build a new ball park or activity center for the families in your hometown.

Dreams can burn in your heart and motivate you, and give you hope when everything else seems to be going astray. Just maybe, you might feel like something exciting is really going to happen in your future.

Then along comes the dream stealers. Laughing at your attempts, reasoning why it could never happen, telling you they don't believe. "Get real," they tell you. "Do what everyone else is doing, cause dreams are only dreams." They quit dreaming long ago, learned their lesson, and so should you.

I really think all good things begin with a dream. Whether it is the home you are living in, the farm or factory where you work, or the children, husband, wife you have taken for your own. A better job, a better school, a vacation place you can laugh and watch your family play, a wonderful nursing home to care for your loved ones with failing health, starts with a dream.

These dreams are the things that motivate us into seeking, trying, grasping, risking... they give us excitement and joy.

Dream stealers... tell you what you have to lose, what the cost will be, how it can never be done, how you shouldn't spend your time with it. And they hold on to what they've got, and want you to do the same.

I've always had the philosophy that when you let go of what you have and learn to give, risk, and dream, that is when your cup will be filled to overflowing.

I've always thought it sad when people stop dreaming and I always shake my head when I see dream stealers robbing others of their dreams. It seems to make what was beautiful and lively, spiritless and grumpy.

It's as sad as seeing someone's house burn down and watching them standing there, in tears, losing all they had hoped for, dreamed for, and loved. A dream stealer would say that's life, get to work. A friend would take your hand, call the neighbors and help you see an even brighter tomorrow as they helped you gather strength to dream again.

Don't let go of your ability to dream.

And when you see others dreaming for something better, don't be a dream stealer, but lift your head up, be open to new ideas, try to see the possibilities rather than the negatives, and encourage them to find ways to make their dreams come true.

This St. Patrick's Day- hope you find a pot of gold!