The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

Practice, Practice, Practice

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

9 March 2005

What does it take to get to state in the 3-point shoot-out? According to Andrew Linder and Brittany Fox of Southern, and Bryant Fernetti - La Harpe -West Prairie, they would probably tell you:


Brittany already competed in state at the Redbird Arena at Illinois State in Bloomington two weeks ago and was not able to reach the very top but she made it a long way up that mountain, and I bet the view was pretty wonderful at that level of success.

Linder and Fernetti will get their chances Thursday as they both compete among sixty-four other 3-point shooters in what is believed to be an hour-long session at the Peoria Civic Center. Only the final four will advance on to Saturday night's Boys Class A State Championship at the Civic Center.

It's enough to give you chills thinking about playing at that level. Speaking of chills, the boys were told it was a good idea to wear a jacket because there is ice underneath the floor they will be playing on.

We hope both of "our" boys end up in the final four.

It is hard to make it to the top, yes, but think of how high we do make it in life when we try, especially when we practice - practice - practice at getting better at what we do. We can apply this little lesson to everything from riding a bike to parenting.

I like to think of it, however, as trying something new, or something you wish you could do.

Don't be afraid to take the lessons, read the book, practice the skill, invest in the business, sing the song, speak in front of a crowd. If you face your fears by doing it over and over and over again - you will be a champion, even if you don't make it to the top. Get practicing.