The Hancock-Henderson Quill, Inc.

"Grow And Prosper"

by Dessa Rodeffer, Quill Publisher/Owner

2 March 2005

"I want to see this county grow and prosper," were the words expressed last week by Henderson County's Economic Development Corporation chair, Tom Doran of Carman.

Doran, an insurance businessman, a township Supervisor, Road Commissioner, Stronghurst Village Booster Club member, and Henderson County Board member, expressed his interests in bringing growth to Henderson County with new industry, small businesses, and by looking at everything else - from health care challenges in our area to tourism.

With 84 year-old Robert Livingston, coming out of retirement all the way from Pennsylvania to volunteer as Henderson County's new executive director of HCEDC , we should offer our help. We should all keep our thinking hats on and pass on any of our ideas to Mr. Livingston.

With the high school consolidation for WEST CENTRAL planned at the Junction of 94 and 34, and Country Fun Restaurant and Good's Dental Care already in place, it looks like the area would be a prime spot for Henderson County's first consolidated business area (our own mall). The late Dr. Good was thinking ahead when he planned his office at that site.

I'm sure he would have offered more suggestions for economic development if he were still here today, but hopefully others will not hesitate in joining the group to make some exciting additions to the wonderful county we already have.

If you think your idea is impossible. Give it to Robert Livingston and you might be surprised at what he can come up with or what help is available.

Our county has a lot to offer. After all, it is in the heartland of America. People ask how you are, and then they listen, because they really want to know the answer.

Yes, it's a great place to prosper and grow.